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Ai-chan's site



Go directly to the J-pop serach engine (above)
Search the same database (below)

I think that this is best place you can get all of you MP3s.
I found some B'z songs here. Good Luck searching!

Buy all of your B'z albums, singles, and videos here! And all other J-pop Cds.
Don't worry, this site has an english page as well. But the only problems is that they only ship to people in the USA.

B'z Motel. you can request your favorite B'z songs here!

This is an asome site where you can search for all kinds of J-Pop music.
There are alot of B'z songs here!!! Go! Go! Go!

This is great place where you can get alot of B'z stuff!
If you whan most of B'z recent stuff go here!!

B'z Ichiban

This site rocks. Eventhought it's in Korean you can make out the English.

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