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if you have any good new about B'z please email it with your name (pen name) a to

The News
December 23, 2000
Here is prestent from Bzfanatics! It the Music Station Itsukano Merry Chirstmas! I hope you enjoy this one. The Password is "Bzfanatics"
Have Merry Chirstmas and a Happy Year!!!!!!!!
December 04, 2000
Ok here is the news. I will be out of town until January 22, 2001. So I have decided to put some albums on the spotlight song section. This way you don't have to wait for one song. While I'm gone you may download the songs. Vote for the album you want and i'll upload that on the 21th or 22nd of December.
November 27, 2000
Hi gang! I know, I know, I haven't been updating the site and i'm sorry! But look on the bright side the BBS is booming and you can get most of the info there anyway.
So here it is. The new album is due out soon, in December so get it. I feel that most of the people who come to this site are aswome!! I love you guys!!! We will be hitting our 2 year marker soon!!! THANKS!!!
On a personal note I will be out of the country and won't be able to update anything but i'll leave something behind. Maybe a full album?! Look for it at the SPOTLIGHT SONG section. PEACE!!!!!
Tom & Everybody!
October 06, 2000
I have uploaded the covers for Ring and The Mixture.
Sorry i have not updated the site as often as I want but I'm busy and at the same time lazy.
I would like to give thanks to all the people who as come to the BBS and written wonderful thing about B'z. You and I know that they are best and no other band in Japan can produce quality songs. They just ROCK!!!
Oh. For the peope who are just too lazy to read all the BBS some of them say that a new album is in the works and it should be out by Decmember. Everybody is saying that the title of it will be "HEARTS"
thanks again.....later
August 24, 2000
ok is the verdict with the latest single. The 1st beat is "Ring" which is a ballard (like "nigai ai" from the Brotherhood album)and it will be the theme song for a drama "asawo dakishimete." The 2nd beat is "Guilty"
This should be the final word with this single but as always come back, just in case. :)
August 21, 2000
Here is some more news about the up coming single!! Remember "Ring" that's the first beat, second beat "guilty"and this is something i wanna hears is "Pleasure 2000" for the third beat.
Come back again for more info!!
August 18, 2000
I hope everybody is having a great summer. Me? not really. I stuck around and took some summer classes. :(
Anyway here is some great news that I heard through the grape vine. A great source has informed us that a new single is scheduled to be released sometime in October for a new drama. The title of the song is "asuo dakishimete" but not sure yet....
come back again for some more.
August 06, 2000
Hey guys!! The new video that we've been all waiting for is out!!!! yeah! go get it. it should should rock. I have to say sorry to the people who got the Brotherhood video and didn't understand it....
In that video they seemed to be two down to earth guys who love to make music. The money that they make is crazy but it doesn't go to there heads like some artists in Japan. So if you have a Japanese friend ask him/her to watch it with you. They will enjoy it as much as you do.... bye for now.
June 24, 2000
I just got some very sad sad news.OSHIMA is leaving us... he says on his site that he needs a break. i think he deserves it. so don't hassle him too much. just support him at his BBS. Thank you.
June 22, 2000
Long time no see everybody. There hasn't been any good news since the last single so i'll post something useful.
The new single "Juice" is comeing out in July!!! YEAH!!! Here is a place where you can buy it online. will send out products to people living in U.S. with no shipping charge. sad to say they will not send out products to other countries. take a look anyway....
until next time....
June 02, 2000
Ok, here is the deal with the new single. It's gonna be a Maxi Single. The 1st beat is called "Juice" and the 2nd beat is "UBU" The release date is gonna be on 7/12/00.

One other thing. This years tour has begun and my source tells me that they are playing songs off the PLEASURE, TREASURE, and THE MIXTURE albums. And the new single is sung first. Here is the playlist from there concert.

  • Juice
  • Zero
  • Blowin'
  • koi-gokoro
  • love me, i love you
  • You & I
  • MC
  • May
  • Organ Sole of Mo-ichido Kiss Shitakatta
  • Guitar solo
  • Oh! Girl
  • Kodokuno Runaway
  • Alone
  • Love Phantom
  • Mienai Chikara
  • samayou aoi dangan
  • Move
  • konya tsukiga mieruokani (encore)
  • giri giri Chop (encore)
May 30, 2000
Hello everybody nothing really exciting has happened since the last single but here is some news!!

Thanks to a great source I have found out that there could be new single out that is going to be due out sometime in July. Come back for more details.

I would like to thank a great friend, Himawari for the info.

May 15, 2000
Sorry, I know the Spotligh song is late. I'll get to it as soon as possible. Actually I'm just lazy right now. The last two days my computer went through some hell....I have to re-format my HD and re-intsall Windows...what a pain.

One more thing before I go, after re-installing Windows my Bzfanatics and my personal ICQ infomation was erased. So people look for me!! The Bzfanatics ICQ # is 71418533.
And if you just wanna be on my personal ICQ list here is the number: 17579389

May 08, 2000
As you may know the song "konya tsukiga mieru okani" was the theme song for the drama Beautiful Life and there is a soundtrack for it. This song is on it. A totally different version, a cello & piano version. Go to the Oshima page.
April 28, 2000
Hello everybody! We did it, Bzfanatics LIVE! was a success, Eventhough there were only 4 listeners. But I was a great experience, thanks guy. I hope I get email to do more of this. Some peopel were not able to listen to us because of the time difference but I hope you'll get another chance.

Eventhough i was flooded with ICQ meassages it was fun, thanks again.

April 26, 2000
The Bzfanatics LIVE! request-list is up. I'm very excited about this event. For all that I know this maybe the very first B'z internet broadcast where you the fans are in control of the music.

I have gotten some mail about what time would it be if my time is XX:XX. Well to solve that question here is a useful link. CNN's world time chart this site is SHOCKWAVE based so if you don't have the shockwave pug-in you can download it at this site so don't worry.

Now don't forget the LIVE! broadcast will at
10:00 PM EST on April 27, 2000. I hope you'll like it.

April 25, 2000
The Bzfanatics LIVE! request-list is up. I have not got any email tell me what time you want the LIVE boardcast to be so I have decided 10:00 PM EST on April 27, 2000. I hope you'll like it.
April 24, 2000
The Bzfanatics LIVE! request-list is up. This is just some of the songs. I will still put more songs so don't worry.

I would like thank everybody who has voted in the VOTING BOOTH.

Last thing, I have not gotten any desired time for the LIVE broadcast so we might we might have to choose a time ourselves. please email your requests.

April 21, 2000
The date of the LIVE broadcast will be on April 27, 2000. (U.S.A. Time) Dave and I need your all of your infomation to get Bzfanatics LIVE! to be a success. We know that most of the Bzfanatics fans are from overseas and if we braodcast LIVE there will be the problem of the time difference. You see if it's day here in the U.S.A. it will be night in Japan, Hong Kong, Tawian, etc. So you we need to find a good TIME where everbody can listen. So please find out what time you would like to listen to the broadcast. Please tell us the time in EASTERN STANDARD TIME. (New York) Email us at

The Bzfanatics LIVE! request line is open. You will find instructions on how to do so at the following.
But don't do the following!! PLEASE!!

  • Ask for a whole album. (That goes for you too Dave. hahahah!)
  • Ask for songs that are not on the playlist.(coming soon)
  • Bitch about song that I have or don't have.
Do Step 2
April 20, 2000
What in the world is Bzfanatics LIVE!? Well i'm planning to do LIVE B'z internet broadcast in the near future. you will be able to send in your request by ICQ. and I will provide a playlist so you can decide what you want to hear. don't worry more details will be posted.
April 18, 2000
Sorry about the mix up. Acording to our sources the new single is do you be out one day earlier. May 24, 2000.
April 17, 2000
Hello everybody, i would like say thank you for all the support! Our source tells us that there will be new single out on May 25th.

Beat 1: MAY
Beat 2: You Pray, I Stay

The second beat is the theme song for a Suntory commercial

Chi Nakajima
March 11, 2000
This just in. i have listen to the bonus track a couple of times to figure out the lyrics to the song. even though that koshi is speak english very well it was hard to take in some of the song but i' pretty sure this is right. so here it is.

You can't hide you know it's true
You can't run still got many things to do
You never wanted this situation to be a birden, drag them down

Life is short too short to have fun
Life is long too long to go wrong
Carrying a heavy load it's made you cold
You've got too much on your mind it's making you old

Stand up in the middle of the raging river
wash away, wash away
Erase your memory of everything you love
wash away, wash away, wash away

Tak's solo on accoustic gutiar and fade out

The song all done by one accoustic gutiar. Song by Tak and Lyrics by Koshi

March 10, 2000
Oh my god!! i just got "The Mixture." It came with the CUBE that they promised so i'm happy with that!!! but i was very sursrised with the "B'z Media Player." There is a song inside the cd that is not readable on the computer without the "B'z Media Player." Unlike the "Survive" album that had a pretty bad music video that was shot in New Orleans, this one has a very cool song on it! It has no title and was sung in English. The song is very short, not even a minute and a half. so once again go get "The Mixture" maybe i'll find a way to get the song and post it for the next spotlight song!!
GET THE "B'z Media Player"
Click at the BONUS TRACK section of the site.
Febuary 23, 2000
Hey everybody! This is Tom. I found out that there is something special about the new B'z cd. It seems like if you download an "B'z Media Player" at can listen to a bonus track off the cd. I have no idea how this works but that's what the site says. So if you get a chance get "The Mixture"
Febuary 08, 2000
Hello everybody this Tom (the HTML coder), I would like to say "I'm sorry." I have not yet uploaded the new mp3 and I have not yet done the face lift for the site. Well to tell you the truth my comupter was out last week with a fried motherboard. I will try to get the site going as soon as possible. Thank you everybody who has voted for the spotlight song and the people who has come back. Thank you!!!
Febuary 08, 2000
I just read (perhaps incorrectly, mind you) that with the purchase of the new B'z album (to be released on February 23rd), you will receive a "B'z Cube", which is their version of the Rubick's Cube! So get out there and make the purchase as soon as possible!
Febuary 08, 2000
Allnightnippon radio will held a BIG event of B'z Midea "Mixture" Special B'z 1st acoustic live 2000.2.22 (Tue) midnight 1:00 - 3:00 (Japan time) stick on & Through Allnightnippon channel(all district inside Japan), TV screen at Q Front Building 5/F (Tokyo & shibuya ) for 400 fans ( above 18 yrs old ) only & internet broadcast as well!!
January 18, 2000
How's it been going? Got some news for you that I picked up on the B'z official site. They said that the new single is going to be coupled with a new version of 'dakara sono te o hanashite'.
January 10, 2000
According to the official B'z website, the new single, "Konya tsukiga mieru okani", is set to be released on February 9th, 2000. Furthermore, the official website of their "The Best Mixture" album is slated to "open" on the 9th as well.
January 06, 2000
According to the follow site the new "Flash back" like album is due out Febuary 23, 2000.
December 14, 1999
I was just at a Tsutaya store in Okinawa, and according to them, the new B'z album, to be entitled, "The Best Re-Mix", is slated to be released on February 23, 2000, and not January 23, 2000, as was reported earlier on this site.
December 05, 1999
New Album "B'z The Mixture" will be released 23th Jan 2000. It will be 16 songs Tak and Inaba select by themselves from the deb ut single to the new single.
And one more Live Video will be released in 2000. The songs in the Video will be decided by the voting of the fan such as "Tresure". The voting card is inside New Video "The true meaning of Brotherhood?"
November 24, 1999
The unthinkable may happen! CLOSURE could be the name for a new remix sounds like a rumour to me, but I am on the B'z fan Site Chat Room now...I told them and they are absolutely going bonkers here!
This could be the beginning of the end of B'z...I hope not....
November 18, 1999
In Januanry 2000 there will be a new single due out.
The title for the first beat is "KONYA TSUKIGA MIERU OKANI" and the second beat "RINGU"
November 05, 1999
About new release video the official site of B'z hasn't announced yet.
But according to the information of some CD shops, it will be released 8th Dec and the contents of video is

"The process of making songs "
"The songs of Brotherhood from the final Live in Yokohama"
"The secret Live in Sapporo"
"The scene of their recording and more"

It's like a documentary video, not the past Live-Gym video that Tak sai d on his radio program before.
I will tell you as soon as I've got more information.

October 14, 1999
New B'z Video is slated for December 12, 1999. It will have performances from Live-Gym '97 through '99!
October 14, 1999
Good news!!
31th,Oct, " Formula one Grand Prix" in Suzuka, Japan, before the final race, Tak is going to play Japanese national anthem on his guitar.
This performance will be broadcasted by TV and 130 nations will broadcast it in the world.
If you have a chance to watch Tak's play on TV, Don't miss it.
October 03, 1999
For the success of "B'z Fanatics",I will do anything and support you anytime with pleasure

I think I have a lot of imformation about B'z because I like B'z very much.
So, please ask me anything about B'z.
I'd like to help you as much as I could.

And, every day I check the site ,which is the most popular and quick new s has gotten in Japanese B'z Fan site.

So,I can let you know the news as soon as possible.

Now,as good news,written on your page, new Live Video will be released within this year.

Tak said on his radio progam "New video will include not only Brotherhood tour but Spirit Loose to ur'96, Fireball tour'97, Survive tour'98.
It will be very interesting video, so, please be look forward to it"

My English isn't enuogh to tell you what I want to say. I have to study English more and more.

But I will do my best to make B'z Brothers or Sisters in the world.

Of coures I'll tell my B'z friend about your great site "B'z Fanatics"

Thank you!

September 23, 1999
According to sources in Japan, there will be a new live VIDEO being relased for the 1999 Brotherhood tour! No firm date has been set, but word in the chat rooms is that it is going to be great! More news when I get it!
August 09, 1999
Tak can be heard on the new Steve Vai album called "The Ultra Zone". As yet there has not been any confirmation if the track will be put on the CD stateside, but Tak can be heard and you will be amazed on "Asian Sun". I have not heard whether it will be an instumental or a vocal track as yet...I'll keep you posted...
July 29, 1999
Taks New Gibson Les Paul Signature Model

As you all may have already heard, Taks New Signature Model Guitar was announced at a press conference in Tokyo last week. The expected cost is 560,000 yen, and only 90 of them will be made. Tak Matsumoto is only the 5th guitarist in history to have a signature model by Gibson. As an interesting side note, it is also one of the most expensive guitars ever produced by
Gibson. For comparison, the Ace Frehley Signature Model is about $3,500, compared to the exchange rate for Taks which is about $5,200!

July 22, 1999
Hey everyone, Giri Giri Chop" has been released in Japan (OK, well, it was
released on June 9th, but what the heyE. If you can get a hold of a copy, do
it! This is a great song!!
July 22, 1999
Hey everyone, Giri Brotherhood" will be released on July 14, the first Bz album since SURVIVE.
It promises to be one of the best releases that they have ever done, according to my sources in Japan. Also, LIVE GYM E9 begins in Sapporo on July 9th! This
3 month tour is the first in a year.

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