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Review by Pink

1. BLOWIN': ****1/2
Loved the way Inaba sings "blowin'" in this song.

2. KOI-GOKORO: ****1/2
One of B'z super catchy songs. (i suppose) Frankly, i like this song only because of Inaba's voice and the tune. Didn't find the guitars worth mentioning. On the whole i find this a rather cute song.

3. TIME: ****
Not exactly a very "rocking" or outstanding song but the nice melody and wonderful voice does get to me. ^_^

4. Liar!Liar!: *****
Also my personal favourite among all B'z songs. Quite a typical "rock" song but i still love it cos it sounds good. A song that always make me sing (scream/shout) along. (The music video for this song is also rather boring - B'z is much better to see in lives!)

5. Negai: ***1/2
As i don't like jazz, the starting for this song at first kinda makes me put off. But i kinda like the chorus so that made me gradually like this song too.

6. Aishii ? yo Good Night...: ***1/2
Always find Inaba's voice in this voice rather muted. (like singing through the telephone!) ^_^ Anyway love the solo by Tak here.

7. Pleasure '98 ~ ? : ***1/2
Quite a fast catchy song. Like the guitars in this song. (find the guitars so distracting in this song that sometimes i dun even notice Inaba's presence in the song. hee hee) Also like the ending piano part - very sweet. (Interesting note: the chorus sang something like "f***ing baby" or "f*** me baby" in the middle of the song. ^_^)

8. mienai chikara - Invisible One -: **1/2
Don't particularly like this track for reasons unknown to even myself. Nevertheless, i know that this track is a personal favourite among a lot of B'z fans. So maybe something's wrong with me in regard to this song. ^_^

9. Mooichido ? ? : ****1/2
One of my favourites from B'z. Quite a touching song (even from the starting one can guess that)...... Also love Inaba's romantic voice here. Always look forward to hear Tak's short solo and the ending acoustics in this song.

10. FIREBALL: **1/2
Quite a slow "rock" song. Never really like this. (The music video for this song is very boring. Unless you are a super Inaba fan, then there's really nothing much to see in that video.)

11. Real Thing Shakes: ***
Never really love this song too although it is in English. (the language that i can fully understand) Anyway, i think this is pretty "rock".

12. MOTEL: ****
A slow song (when compared to other B'z songs). Despite its "slowness", i personally enjoy this song very much. Definitely one of the songs i repeat on my player.

13. Ichika no Merry Christmas: *****
My favourite of all in this album (and maybe of all B'z songs too)... just listen to this song for i dun think any amount of words will do this song justice. (funny thing that i notice in "Pleasure" and "Treasure" is that i love the no. 13 songs very much ... hee hee) (Subjected to countless repeats on my cd player each time i listen to this album)

14. RUN -1998 style-: ****
Liked the former unmixed "RUN" better cos i find the starting of this song rather irritating. But on the whole the faster beat also makes this song nicer.