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Hi everyone!
I would like to introduce to everyone to
one of my favourite albums of all times.
Survive album left a deep impression in
my mind and this is THE album which
B'z underwent a significant change in
musical direction from pop-rock to a
much harder rocking sound.I think that
there are some songs which strongly
deserves a mention:

Ratings by Hisashi

1)Deep Kiss(Rating:****)

The opening track Deep Kiss begins with a long intro before Inaba's vocals kick off this supreb rocking anthem.I love the gradual build up of the song and it is certainly a wonderful start to a wonderful album.


Another great song which demonstrates the ability of B'z to variate between pop and rock.Gives a rather pop-ish feel to the listener but still another brilliant effort by B'z.Way to go!!!

3)Survive(*** 1/2)

The title track of this album is a mid tempo ballad and the chorus is very soothing to the ears.I can't help but feel very proud of the great achievements of the great rock band which still remains very much on the top after a decade in showbiz.


My favourite track in this album!!! I love the intro of this song which slowly builds up to a brilliant climax. Inaba's stunning vocals are stretched to the limit and Tak delivers yet another unbelieveable guitar work.Smashing!

5)Cat(*** 1/2)

What a cute song!Inaba sounds very much like a cat especially in the chorus part!!! A nice efffort.Quite heavy too.


The intro of the song didn't really catch my attention, until the build up which leads to the beautiful chorus I grew fonder of the song with every listen and I strongly recommend it to all B'z lovers!A must try!


The last song of this album really caught me by surprise because of the opening.Tak's guitar work is layed beautifully and Inaba sings passionately here.Terrific ending to Survive.

Overall album rating:****