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Review by Pink

1. LOVE PHANTOM: ***1/2
This song starts off beautifully. What caught me by surprise at 1st, is that it turns out to be fast beat song despite the slow start. Would recommend this as a starter to those who haven't tried B'z since it's very catchy. (The music video for this song is ok, neither very boring nor very interesting. To watch B'z on video, better stick to their lives. They are definitely much better to watch.)

2. love me, I love you: ***
Another catchy song by B'z. The only catch is that it does not really stand out that much from the other B'z songs. Nevertheless it's still quite a nice song. (The music video for this song is ermm quite silly, IMO - well nevermind about the video and just listen to the song.)

3. Easy Come, Easy Go!: ***
Loved Tak's solo in this here..... and of course the acoustics. Extremely catchy song.

4. ZERO: ****1/2
Loved the heavy guitars in this song. Of course Inaba sounds as good as ever, but the guitars are really wonderful here. The mixture of Inaba's voice and the guitars is also well blended here.

5. ALONE: ****1/2
One of my personal favourites from B'z, largely stems from the voice of Inaba and the melody in this particular track (i suppose) ...... One thing that impresses me about B'z is that they can do both fast and slow tracks wonderfully well. ^_^

6. hadashi no megami: ****1/2
Also one of my personal favourites. This time i have to confess that i purely love this song because of Inaba's voice only. A very light-hearted catchy song.

7. aino mamani wagamamani boku wa kimidakewo kizutsukenai: ***
Loved the starting but somehow the trumpets in this song sort of puts me off. (i dun particularly like trumpets in songs) Nevertheless, it's quite a catchy and nice song. (Without those trumpets, this would have been one of my personal favourites ^_^ )

Don't really like this track because of the trumpets again. (see i'm kind of biased already) But i have to admit it's a very catchy song and Tak's solos in this song are something to look forward to. ^_^

9. taiyou no komachi Angel: ***
Same sentiments as the previous two songs ..... dun like those trumpets. But anyway it must be an extremely infectious song since almost all those people that i've introduced this song to, say they love the way Inaba sings "komachi Angel". As for me, i didn't notice anything different ..... (maybe that's because i've listened to this song for countless times already - dead feelings for this song.)

10. BE THERE: ***1/2
Like the mixing in this song as it makes this song a tad different from the other B'z songs. Other than that this song is rather typical of what B'z usually produce.

11. Don't Leave Me: ****
Extremely loved the starting of this song. However, i am disappointed with the chorus as i don't think it really matches the beginning. Nevertheless, this is still one of the songs that i look forward to listening every time. Moreover, Tak's solo here is superb. ^_^

12. Bad Communication E. Style: ****
Still haven't decided i like this better or the japanese version better. One thing good about this song is that i finally get to understand fully what Inaba is singing about. (blame it on my poor understanding of Japanese) Another nice thing is that at least Inaba's English is not that bad as the other Japanese singers that i've heard before. Considering that i at least know that he is singing in English and the melody of this song is quite good, i look forward to listening to this track despite the hearing this track for countless times.

13. Calling: *****
Personally my favourite of all the B'z songs (once upon a time) since it is exactly this song that got me hooked onto B'z. Loved the starting and the ending a lot. I was very surprised when this song turns out to be a "slow" song, especially when the starting is so "rock". Although i was disappointed that this song never turns out to the kind of "rock" song that i've hoped it'll be, it still remains as my favourite because this song is that good. ^_^ (Interesting thing to note: This song is used as a theme song in one of the Japanese dramas. Also, the music video of this song is quite unsuitable for the song as i never expected such a romantic song to be situated in a run-down place.)

14. Samayoeru Aoi Dangan: ****1/2 Another of my personal favourites. Mainly due to that fact that i think it is quite a "rocking" song from B'z .... Loved practically everything in this song, especially the guit solo by Tak. (For once i actually like the music video of B'z - the video for this song is quite professionally done and not so boring as the other B'z music videos.)