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Here is the deal. If you want to download more mp3s from this site I need your help. I found a site where they give you 300 MEGS for signing up but 300 MEGS is not going cut it for all the B'z mp3s that I have. The site is call Free MP3 Space and they are giving 5 MEGS for free after I refer friends to the site and use there service a least twice (2 times). So basically each person who signs up will give me the space to put up more mp3s. Read on below to find out how you can help.

Go to the following link and sign up on the right side. decide your USER NAME and PASSWORD. And when it ask for the referrer code PLEASE type in U0007AF73. This code will give me more space for more mp3s. For now I have put up a couple of songs that you might enjoy.

After you sign in they will email you an activatoin code and you need to activate your account. So now you have a USER NAME and PASSWORD for the site. You can use that to access my "Shared Files" where the mp3s are.

here is the link to get your mp3s. (log in on the left hand side)
For USER NAME: your user name
For USER PASSWORD: your user password