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Hi guyz!
My name is Hisashi and I'm from Singapore.
I'm a also a B'z fanatic.
I would like to make a few comments on their latest single Giri giri chop.

giri giri CHOP
Review by HISASHI
**** 1/2

I absolutely love this new song!It's really a
brilliant single and gives the term Rock & roll
a totally new defination~B'z style!I particularly
adore the bass play and Tak's fantastic lightning-like
guitar solo gives the song a polished feel.But I think
I would prefer the album version of this song, which
I feel is heavier and "rockish."

Review by HISASHI
**** 1/2

"One" totally caught me by surprise.I would say that
this song is sort of up tempo.From the start, Kohshi
sings in a lower pitched voice than usual but this is
what makes "One" a bit different from other B'z tunes.
I like the chorus in particular, it's very catchy and
melodious...and leaves me hungry for more!Especially
when he croons"You're the only one", it sounds both
sweet and kinda touching.Overall this song leaves a
very lasting impression in my mind.Highly recommended!